With Honda, you can stay connected to your vehicle, even when you're not near it. The available HondaLink® app can keep you in control of your car while on the go, giving you access to a range of services that can make your drives more convenient.

Car ownership made easy

Staying up to date on information related to your car can be difficult, which is why the HondaLink® app works to help make it easier. With a few taps on your smartphone's touch screen, you can access a variety of services. You can read the digital owner's manual for your Honda vehicle and check out guides when you need to look up information about your vehicle.

You can easily schedule your vehicle's next routine maintenance appointment with a Honda-certified dealership. If there are any recalls involving your vehicle, you will get recall alerts. Plus, you can have available 24-hour roadside service as needed. Roadside services, like jump-starts and lockout assistance, can help you have peace of mind on drives.

Daily convenience

The HondaLink® app can help make daily tasks easier to accomplish. You can remotely lock and unlock your vehicle, as well as remotely start the engine to get your cabin at an ideal temperature. You can even locate your vehicle on the app, so you don't have to worry about forgetting where you parked.

From the app, you can determine when you need to fill up at the gas pump and easily check your oil life readings and mileage. When a warning light turns on, you will be alerted so you can better know when you're due for routine maintenance. You can also send destinations from your phone to your navigation system so you're ready to embark on your next trip.

Learn more about HondaLink® and other technologies when you take a new vehicle out for a test drive at Fox Honda.


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